Mother’s Day Meal

Today was my first time cooking a celebratory meal for Pete’s mom and mother-to-be me. So I tried to keep it special 😀 Watermelon and mint drink for me to enjoy while others drink! Roasted tomatoes, Corn, salad and Filet Mignon Last but not least, strawberry Rhubarb pie! First time to make it and try … More Mother’s Day Meal

Keeping my promises

Oh dear, the wedding is coming. I can’t believe this time has passed by so fast even though my days are longer! I’m so stressed, excited, anxious, nervous, that I can’t sleep! Even though I had the biggest hole in my stomach today, I decided to keep my new years resolution: a fresh squeezed juice … More Keeping my promises

Back to reality

After the excessive amounts of foods eaten during Thanksgiving weekend… here we are trying to eat healthy again. Mash potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Beef roll. Lets face it, there is no way we can live eating like this past weekend (pictures to come). Maybe thats why I learned how to love Thanksgiving, it was a … More Back to reality

Day After

I regret everything I said about Thanksgiving day… I LOVED this weekend. I got to relax, relax, relax, eat ridiculous amounts of food and be surrounded awesome people. Tacos was the meal we had the day after thanksgiving…I made the meat like Fanny used to do it. Shredded meat slow cooked until its crispy.

Greek Salad

If I were to be born again, somewhere else… I think I’d love to live somewhere where I can find an olive tree. I have never seen one, but God, I’d love to have one,  just so I can have fresh spiced olives and olive bread ALL the time. Lately, I have something for thymes … More Greek Salad

Engaged and Desperate

Since the moment I got engaged, Pete and I have been too busy. I’ve been desperate to find a minute for cooking and finally last week I got IT!!!! After our Engagement Photo session, Pete and I decided to go home, eat and rest. I made lentils, potatoes, and veal meatballs filled with goat cheese.

Sunday Brunch!

Pete brought salmon home, and while he was fishing, he couldn’t eat salmon anymore, so he had caramelized onions and ham bagel and I had salmon and cream cheese bagel! Enjoy! 🙂 I certainly did.

Colorful Cupcakes

        I used one of Betty Crocker recipes, and food coloring. To make this effect, add spoonfuls of colored mix, put them in the center. Add different color mixes until its enough.   Here’s a quick recipe for fun colorful cupcakes: 1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ white cake mix Water, vegetable oil … More Colorful Cupcakes

Before and After

My meals before and after training are like Cinderella: full of potential before and then beautifully fixed after. Before my runs/bike/swim I have a serving of plain oatmeal. I add some maple syrup and cranberries (or apples) to make it tastier. My parents told me that if I had a goal in mind, it would … More Before and After

Carrots à la Fanny

Fanny, used to make these extremely creamy, incredibly cheesy and marvelously savory carrots. Sounds complicated, but thats what these are. For these, I boiled the carrots until they were softer than normal. On a different pan, I cooked green onions, garlic, scallions and some chopped onions, after they were brown,  I added the carrots. Cooked them … More Carrots à la Fanny

Mattress Breaker

This weekend in Rhode Island I was blessed with eating oysters, TONS of oysters. Like I said in my post before, I love seafood, and I seriously can’t stop eating when is good and fresh. And Oh! these were so fresh. I’m not a huge fan of horse radish, so when I eat oysters I … More Mattress Breaker

Pleasures I get

Let me tell you… you have no idea how much I enjoy fresh seafood, thank god I’ve always been surrounded by smart people that decide what they want to eat. It had been a long time since I had had good seafood (since I moved to NYC- please if you know a sushi place that … More Pleasures I get

Brain Freeze

Simple things make me happy. Kelvin slushes are a great example of pure happiness. They a mix of simple things, which in my mind make great creations.  What can go wrong when you mix natural fruits pulp, natural sugar, and ice?! add hot weather to the mix and you have perfection! To any simple creation, … More Brain Freeze

My Favorite Sandwich

My favorite sandwich in the world! You can take meat out of my life, but you can never take bread.  Please, never take bread of my life. Have you ever gone through food faces in your life? I go through them all the time. Usually with lactose products and meat. Chicken specially. I think I’m … More My Favorite Sandwich

Philly CheeseSteaks

First we started our day to Pats Philly Steaks. We had to decide between Geno’s or Pat’s.  Both restaurants are huge and surrounded by students wearing Philly Jerseys. This is a little faster than fast food, seriously…. you order and in less than 30 seconds your sandwich is there. Seriously faster than McDonalds, you think … More Philly CheeseSteaks

Pesto chicken

After a run, everything tastes great. I didn’t know how this would turn out, I was hungry and in a hurry –  those 15 minutes I dedicated to the preparation were totally worth it. The meal turned out to be a huge success. Broccoli and cauliflower and pesto chicken with onions.  I wish I had taken … More Pesto chicken

Baking Time

This weekend I baked again! I forgot how much I missed it… I made this delicious chocolate pie. If you ever want to try it, I recommend this recipe. Its the easiest thing to do. I’ve been doing it since I was super young, probably 9. (recipe below) I stopped baking when I was 15 … More Baking Time

One year- Part II

Let me tell you the other side of what happened yesterday, Pete had organized for me to leave the house with my cousin Alci while he would prepare everything with Philippe. I left the house around noon and came back at 3. He organized the menu, picked up flowers, choose a bottle (or 2) of … More One year- Part II

One year!

Finally I’ve been together with someone without drama for over a year! Wow!! I’m Surprised, exited, happy, in love, overwhelmed, fortunate, every emotion you can think of…I have now. you might think its crazy, cheesy, whatever…. think anything… but let me tell you how I feel…. I feel like its a pleasure being with someone … More One year!