Our home is made from many…


We are slowly adapting ourselves to married life. Our house has little furniture but its happily coming along. The most amazing things about everything that has been happening to us, is that people have been SUPER MEGA generous. Pete and I have been speechless with everything we received! During a run, one day this thought hit me: My house is the house of everyone- seriously, my house is the fruit of everyone’s work and sacrifice, if it wasn’t because everyone that has been/was/appeared during our engagement/marriage, we would probably not own anything.

Saying that… I have to say that I got amazing gifts that I would have never occurred to me to buy ( I received a blender, which I absolutely love, waffle maker, pictures frames, iron, etc… all of which I needed and love with all my heart)…. but the ones that I had never thought of buying were 2 from an awesome aunt. First, I received a corn dog maker!!! I mean, I seriously got a corn dog maker! I cant wait to post that….oh boy… btw, the box says, and much more…. so… get ready for deliciousness to come! LOL

The second gift she gave me, I put to use quickly and this was a Krumkake iron, I must admit I’m in love with Krumkake making. I made my own recipe because I didn’t own half the things the recipe required, but they were good!

After understanding how it worked, I managed to make a cone for Pete. He enjoyed it with BlackRasberry IceCream, I wish I had had some mint, it would have looked beautiful on the picture.



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