What friends are for

I surround myself with people that will teach me, influence me, and /or kick my butt, well… if they don’t do it, they will take me to a class, and they let the butt kicking job for another person.

One day, I was walking with this friend, and we saw this Bootcamp class. It looked intense and hardcore. I was afraid to try it so I made excuses. She, instead, went right to it and took a class the next day. Couple of days later, she told me I had to go with her. It was the best class she had ever taken. I trusted her and went. Well long story short, the class kicked my butt, not even while I was training for the triathlon/marathon I had been pushing myself that hard.
Thanks friend, I’m glad to have you around.

This is what we had for dinner, after class.


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