Greek Salad

If I were to be born again, somewhere else… I think I’d love to live somewhere where I can find an olive tree. I have never seen one, but God, I’d love to have one,  just so I can have fresh spiced olives and olive bread ALL the time.

Lately, I have something for thymes (olives, I’ve always had), I add thyme to everything, and it takes amazing. Thyme, olive and bread?! seriously, what else can I ask for….

The point for my post is not talking about olives, thyme or bread. Its really to talk about the holidays, specially thanksgiving (just because its happening soon) but, DEAR LORD> I get in a mad mood around holidays, and I really have to make an effort to stay cool, am I the only one?! seriously? I cant believe I am -period.

The whole preparation, stressing out, stuffing everything in our bodies? is it really necessary? I love the idea of having to give thanks, but aren’t we supposed to do this all the time!? aren’t we the luckiest people in the world? If you are able to read this post then, should be grateful ALL the time. I have an amazing person by my side, that makes me happy everyday, honestly. I dont like the idea of stressing out for a day, I much rather just relax for the WHOLE day, and be around the people I love. Actually, to be completely honest here, this is the reason I love americans so much…. they are simplistic people (well, most of the time they seem to be… except during holiday… ) but think about it…order the whole meal online ; it comes with plastic dishes, forks, etc!!!! LOVE IT!!!! you need to eat, be around the people you love and do not care about cleaning, isn’t that amazing!??!??!?! I think that is was holidays should be about. 😀 RELAXING! 😀 I LOVE IT>

PS: I had to eat little…. If you know the man I have next to me…. you know there’s a lot of food coming! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.!!!! From today on…. GIVE THANKS EVERYDAY!


One thought on “Greek Salad

  1. Ok, we have to face it…you are a mediterranean person…we’ll have to find out where were your mother during pregnancy…maybe you had an “cordon umbilical” nutrition …based on mediterranean food??? come to my place, i have an olive tree at the entrance of my bld!!! i’ll send a pic to you, so you can frame it!! kissseeeesssss

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