Mattress Breaker

This weekend in Rhode Island I was blessed with eating oysters, TONS of oysters. Like I said in my post before, I love seafood, and I seriously can’t stop eating when is good and fresh.

And Oh! these were so fresh. I’m not a huge fan of horse radish, so when I eat oysters I usually have them with salt and lime. In case you’re wondering…yes I learned how to open them.

I was happy to have the pleasure of eating these, but I has ecstatic when I learned Pete nor Alci liked them. So it was more for me! 🙂

Oysters usually bring me memories- most of them with my family and the beach. Like my dad, my brother Fico and I love oysters. So when we used to go to the beach, we would ask one of the seafood merchants to sit next to us. We would eat so much that would become gross at one point. Then the next day, we would do the same – this kept happening for the time being there. We’d eat Siete Potencias (Seven Powers) , Rompe Colchon (Mattress Breaker), Vuelve a la Vida (come to life) etc etc – I’m sure you can figure out where the names come from if not, hint: Aphrodisiac. I miss Venezuela. Do you imagine a Elegant New York bar with those names on the menu?!


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