Pleasures I get

Let me tell you… you have no idea how much I enjoy fresh seafood, thank god I’ve always been surrounded by smart people that decide what they want to eat. It had been a long time since I had had good seafood (since I moved to NYC- please if you know a sushi place that has SUPER fresh fish, tell me)

Patty and Russ invited us to Rhode Island for Memorial Day, the weekend was great, but the food was unbelievable. Their friend Dean cooks amazing meals, so I stepped back and allowed him to delight me with his creations. We were all very pleased with Dean’s meal. We were eating what you’ll see below, and Patrick my 4 year old cousin says… Dean you’re the SHHHHHHef. We all cracked up thinking we was going to say something else…oh god- we had a good time!

Here is what he had: SURF AND TURF.

And Corn, (I love roasted corn, but if you can, try it raw. Its super sweet and Crisp)

And Chorizo, (cook the chorizo on top of the vegetables for a while, the juice/oils from the chorizo will come drop land on the vegetables)

And Mussels (salt, lime, wine and oil)

And Salad,(lime, salt and pepper – delicious!)

And another Salad (oregano, mozzarella, tomatoes, salt and pepper- it was so creamy it didnt need olive oil!)

No joke, this was all in a day. I was SOOOOO full after this lunch-dinner meal, thank god for the training.


4 thoughts on “Pleasures I get

  1. Milena, I was sure I subscribed to your blog but I haven’t been getting your updates. OMG, the food looks delicious! I work with some Japanese — will ask about a good sushi place and let you know.

    1. Hi!!! Yes please let me know! I was blessed with eating fresh sushi in Vancouver for too long! and now I miss it!

  2. Hey those are some nice pics, what kind of camera are you using? And how do you like the duster theme, I saw where a few people do not like how it shows up on their Iphones.


    1. Hey! thanks for the comment! I have a Cannon Xsi!
      Why don’t you like that theme?! you use it too no?

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