If you weren’t ask for advice, don’t give it!

Simple things make me happy. Kelvin slushes are a great example of pure happiness. They a mix of simple things, which in my mind make great creations.  What can go wrong when you mix natural fruits pulp, natural sugar, and ice?! add hot weather to the mix and you have perfection! To any simple creation, there has been a looooong process of thought behind it and they’ve mastered slushes.  I’m extremely passionate about these slushes… I don’t know why)

Aside from tasting great, cooling me down and leaving my mouth with a delicious after taste, this slushes gave me couple of brain freezes! 😀 I didn’t know how much fun those felt like! When was the last time you like your nose, brain, mouth and teeth were in such pain?? I’m sure the last time I had it was probably when I was 10,  years had passed with me not having any, any BF?! my youth flew away… and Kelvin brought a little back…I was happy to have felt like a kid again….

And when everything is magical…..there’s always a person that ruins your day…. I was sharing my happiness of feeling the brain freeze and this guy tells me how to avoid brain freezes….. (maybe I should be quiet in the elevator)  -because it works!  I was so mad !!
I’d share it with you… but I don’t want to ruin your last pieces left of childhood…. now, go on…. check their website and try a slush…. My favorite is: Tea, Citrus and White Peach. 😀


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