Philly CheeseSteaks

First we started our day to Pats Philly Steaks. We had to decide between Geno’s or Pat’s.  Both restaurants are huge and surrounded by students wearing Philly Jerseys. This is a little faster than fast food, seriously…. you order and in less than 30 seconds your sandwich is there. Seriously faster than McDonalds, you think food is any better?

Pete ordered a pepper philly cheesesteak and I ordered a mushroom one, with some hot peppers n the side. They were good! and surprisingly neither of the sandwiches made pete nor me feel sick minutes after. We drove back to the city and got ready to do to the Yankees Stadium to take Dani for his birthday.

It was colder than we expected so I got them matching sweaters…. hehe…

It was a day of healthy foods – yeah right.


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