One year- Part II

Let me tell you the other side of what happened yesterday, Pete had organized for me to leave the house with my cousin Alci while he would prepare everything with Philippe. I left the house around noon and came back at 3. He organized the menu, picked up flowers, choose a bottle (or 2) of magnificent wine, bought me a gift, and asked my brothers to help him with the cleaning of the house, so everything was in order from when I came back.

Fortunately or not, Pete has a great temper, so my brother felt like he was more than invited. He was talking to Philippe about his french classes, how he likes his veal cooked, that he doesn’t enjoy vegetables, etc…. while Pete was pouring a glass of wine, I was looking at him thinking, oh god! why is my brother here!? I wanted to be with Pete… !

Of course I’m telling my friend Ana about my surprise and she tells me she’s eating with everyone in Shake Shack. And that she might stop by and say hi. I told her, that thanks! that would be fun, but she might ruin the moment…. well… her battery died. Yes, everyone came upstairs. I looked at Pete and he was smiling, I looked at Philippe and he went, Merd! I don’t have enough shrimps… when Philippe was ready to serve, my friends where comfortably sitting in the couch with beers in hands. This was our first year anniversary.

I kept drinking wine thinking… THANK GOD I have him by my side.

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