One year!

Finally I’ve been together with someone without drama for over a year! Wow!! I’m Surprised, exited, happy, in love, overwhelmed, fortunate, every emotion you can think of…I have now. you might think its crazy, cheesy, whatever…. think anything… but let me tell you how I feel…. I feel like its a pleasure being with someone like Pete! If any of my friends could have someone like him, I think I’d be extremely happy for them.

Today its our 1 year anniversary. and he asked Philippe for a favor! OMG, look at the food!!!!! (yes…. just for today we are having wine! its an exception therefore its acceptable!)

Let me tell you something, I could have imagined a new sweater, theatre tickets, bike ride around central park and dinner for two in an amazing restaurant, but I would have never imagined Philippe. It was an experience… I’m very Lucky 🙂 

This is what Philippe cooked for us tonight

Pesto Shrimps,

Rosemary potatoes, veal, green beans


those crepes!


2 thoughts on “One year!

  1. Heyyyy sis…. I’m sooo happy for you guys!!! Congrats! I’m missing all of you so much… I’m going to have to make sure Pete follows his words and you come visit me!!! Love

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