There are couple of things I can’t pronounce, like for example words in english with “Y” and “J.” It takes me some effort to say jogging or yellow, this is because I grew up with strong sounds like Jesus, Jose, Yaracuy, Yoyo, instead of soft Joseph, Jello, You, Young… I think its understandable and you can blame it in the ESL. However, its funny when I can’t pronounce words that are the same in English and Spanish: Pizza, or Pepsi.

Here comes my little story, I often speak some Spanish to Pete, to see if he gets some words… and I’ll usually add the suffix ita, ito, cita, cito… to make it spanish-ier. this time I was telling him I wanted to make pizzitas and he understood I wanted to make Petecitas…. sometimes you hear what you want to hear right?!

In this attempt to make pizzas, I tried using pizza dough. They were delicious!

Here my Petecitas colors


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