Family Ties, Part III

This is Dolorita Eraso, and her family, Harry De Lolo, Beatriz and Elias.

My family must have been cool! I wish I had met them. Look at that tricycle! And her boots….

I think this is Dolorita too! Here are 2 things to notice, I: her TINY waist, and II, the address on the right!!!! Its in NYC! 75 Nassau St. NY. How exciting is this?! It always causes me a great illusion to know that my ancestors lived/traveled in NY…. as if I were following their steps… I don’t know… it may be cheesy… but it really makes me happy…. Did I ever mention that my grandmother use to live here too? I’m going to find pictures next time I go home!

And THE picture I got for you folks….The scary one.

I don’t know why this picture scares me so much. It really does, its like every time I look at it a new person appears in the picture…. maybe its the moving girl in the front. I don’t know… I don’t want to talk about it….its too scary!I don’t mind seeing pictures of old people, in fact I like it… but houses, its different. I really think they’re scary… maybe its because they set the mood a little more

Better, let me tell you the story, this was my great grand parents house in Macuto, here.

Since I don’t like ending things in a bad note, here is another of my favorites….

I’ve been reading Gandhi’s autobiography… and he constantly mentions he was traveling by boat, so this one fit perfectly in my mood… it kind of makes me want to be there…. I love that if it wasn’t for the boat, I wouldn’t be able to tell much the difference between today’s fashion.

PS: I love the bow tie…. I’ve been trying to make everyone around me wear it… but no one wants!


One thought on “Family Ties, Part III

  1. Awesome, Milena. That house is fantastic. It seems like a social house: large porches and steps, big ground floor windows. Thanks for sharing.

    I thought about doing a family diary starting with my immigrant great grandparents. You may have just inspired me to start doing just that.

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