Family Ties, Part II

Yesterday I wanted to post some pictures of some people in my family that were in groups. Today I’m posting some that include children….and all the details!!!

Lets start with my favorite one… Isn’t this dress gorgeous? Look at her necklace, when have you seen a baby carrying this? Most babies today carry a pacifier attached to them- so sad!

Well aside from my love for the dress, I love those chubby arms.

This one, I love for several reasons: First, the boots- she looks so delicate with her dress, and accessories that those boots give her contrast.

Second, I love her hand pose. It most have been placed by someone, because its such a adult’s gesture. And I also love that she has a ring, bracelet and necklace!

And finally, the back! It reads: ‘For my dad and my mom – sept 1904″ this was love at first sight. Imagine if Kodak had this design?! I lovveeeeeee it. I know we live in the simplicity world, but… don’t you think it beautifies the back of a photograph?

On a side note, its interesting for me to see the accents too. mama has an accent in the second A, this one is placed on the first one. Also, Caracas, on the bottom, is accentuated, all of the backs had it too.  I’ll dedicate a post to the backs, they’re beautiful to keep to myself.

In the next couple of pictures I”ll show pictures of kids with adult poses…

This one is Carlos Eraso, my great Grandfather’s name was Federico, so I’m guessing its his brother. – I’ll confirm.(I thought he was a girl.)

This one is Federico Eraso Larrain, my great Grandfather as a child. The world is so small that I met a good friend in NY, his first last name is Larrain! We were related, and didn’t know about it – until now!

This last one is the one I promised of Cimodocea…. the name alone is too much! now I know I can never complain of my name.

Here she is, Cimodosea Burgos. My great great great Grandmother.  She spelled her name in the front but in the back she must have asked someone to write her dedication. In both sides Cimodosea or Simodocea are spelled differently.

The back reads: “For my dear husband, Cimodocea’

I heard that she was a bit cuckoo. – I’ll find some stories.

Tomorrow I’ll post a picture that creeps me out every time I look at it.


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