Family Ties, Part I

A while ago, my father lent me an old photo album of my family. The oldest picture dates back to 1898. I was fascinated when I found them, but I rediscovered them today, and I’m even more in love now after re-looking at them.

I have too many, I dont want to overwhelm anyone, so I’ll divide them into 2 days of family photos!


The first one was Isabel Cecilia Eraso, my Great Grandmother. My dad’s dad mother. If I my father wouldn’t have told me who she was, I could told by the way she stood.  My grandfather Federico stands straight like that.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love all her accessories and her dress!! It has embroider and fur!

Here she is again. I’m guessing they were dressed like this for a Carnival? or a party? Imagine if these were the dresses we used for Halloween?! Wouldn’t everyone look amazing.?

What I also love about this picture is their shoes. All of them had the same style but different accessories added to them…

And check this one?!

I really find them unbelievably beautiful. and Elegant.

This is it for today, tomorrow I’ll have some alone photos… especially ones from Cimodosea Burgos de Marcano. My Grandfather’s mother’s grandmother. I don’t know how to call her… my great great great grandmother, right?

I wish I could have met them all!


2 thoughts on “Family Ties, Part I

  1. Is a whole “epoque” that is represented here…how nice is to have a generational roots!!! and to get to have them on photos!!! love them…thanks!!

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