Rojo Pasion & elevators

It has been one of those weeks… you know those ones I’m talking about, the ones you wished and prayed the alarm never went off in the mornings. It’s 3:05 am on Sunday, and I’ve spent, the only gorgeous day in Manhattan this week, sitting in front of my computer trying  finish a project.

Here’s a little story and thought to share… I think I’ve mentioned before I’m the oldest of 5 – my youngest brother is 10 years younger and he is the creator of this beautiful dish. I forgot to eat and he noticed, so he went out to get strawberries for me! I was so happy… it was the best part of my day! He is the most attentive and caring in the family, is it because he grew up having to please 4 older siblings so we wouldn’t mess up with him? Well, I don’t know… my brain is fried so you let me know what you think.

Like I said, my brain is really dead- but I’ve been wanting to share this and its never been the right time… so I’ll just share it today

You know one thing that makes me extremely happy in Manhattan? There’s tons… so don’t ever bother guessing…, I moved to NYC after living in Vancouver. If anyone has been there, or knows a Canadian, you know that they are the nicest (and cleanest -but that is another subject) people -most likely in the world. After living there for a couple of years one gets adjusted to the culture – if I went grab something in the store, and someone else went for the same thing, you’d end up in the “Oh, no its ok, you take it” , “oh no, no… you take it” oh please……. etc.. you know where that goes… or when I went running, I’d go for a jog close to the water and every runner there would smile, wave at you and tell you to have a good run…. well in NYC, it’s not exactly like that you had to see me running along the Hudson river, the first month I was here… I was like a beauty queen greeting everyone.

After talking to a lot of people, there was only one person who knew how to explain it to me, (Thanks Russ). He goes: “What time do you usually go out for a run?”, “7 pm”. And he’s words are still stuck in my brain, he responded: “they don’t respect you.” And he was right, I did what he told me to. Be out running by 5am, let me know the difference… well, at 5am there was the whole pageant.

I got distracted again! so, what I love about this city is that male New Yorkers always wait for the ladies to get off the elevator. I love it! It really is something that I makes me smile every morning… no one says good morning, no one looks at you when you step in,  but when you’re leaving they make sure to show you that their manners are still there. Ladies first.

The little things that count 🙂


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