Speedo’s are not flattering

I don’t if it is the fact that I ordered online and didn’t try my swimming suit before buying it… but the one I got definitely doesn’t show my best attributes… if you know what I mean….

We went to the pool for the first time, and it wasn’t bad at all!!! It was great actually, I loved it. Out of the three (biking, running and swimming) I think the swimming is the hardest. Its like I have to learn how to breathe, but I never had to in the first place… so I’m a bit confused while I’m doing it. I guess now you understand the reason for me to avoid pools at all cost: I swallow too much water! See… very disgusting! Again…my mind is going to dark places… so…

Here we are, after our first 1000 yard swim. We had to do 45 laps and took couple of breaks, but at the end, we finished!!

One of the things I love the most about training is how my skin looks… just Fabulous! 🙂 Even Pete complimented it yesterday… I avoid makeup, I think the best concealer is a good moisturizer and exercise, combined you can get a spot-free complexion. Those are grandma and ma’s advice… take them and you’ll be gorgeous forever. 😉

We haven’t had too much time to cook, or… we don’t want to wait til I’m done taking pictures for us to eat. After we get home for our daily portion of exercise, we are usually starving and devour anything and everything that is in front of us. But! I have good news, we are in our second week, so I’ll adjust my schedule a little more so I have time to work, do school work, train, cook and take pictures of my food…

Have a nice day ya’ll!



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