Exercise + lots of food = Gain weight.

I completely over ate this weekend. Since the day I started “training” I have done nothing but eating. Its terrible, because my mind thinks I can eat more than usual because I’m burning calories, but its not true. I’m still not burning enough. That is what always happens when I start training, I gain weight and then… I start getting PUMPED! haha jk.

Check out my new bike:

Her name is Mandhi. What do you think? So far its been fun riding it! We did 30 min in the hills. It was so hard! Little by little everyday and I know we will get far!

Here is what we cooked for dinner:

Spicy Mango and Caramelized onions

Baked potatoes with Rosemary

I had a grilled fish. I dont think Pete has ever had it, he was completely grossed out. The fish and the mango/onion thing, went perfectly together.

Pete had a huge steak, and he also topped it with the mango/onion thing!

And a most in all of our barbecues, grilled onions…


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