WHY?!?! why does it stink?!

Why? I want to know why is it that everything that tastes great, Stinks! WHY?!??!?!

I love garlic, onions, green onions, etc … and they all stink! Anyone has a recipe to rose breathe after you’ve had any of these? PLEASE Advice! I have one solution, but doesn’t cure garlic scent. You should make sure that anyone you’re hanging around with eats the same as you. If they eat pesto, you eat pesto and both will be happy 🙂

Tonight it was Pasta with pesto sauce and garlic bread night, it was so amazing that I had way too much.

Pesto sauce its delicious and nutritive, at least mine was:

this is how I made it:

– A Bunch of Arugula

– A Bunch of Basil

– Some dill

– Salt and Pepper

– Lots of Oil.

Blend them. And done!

Total takes 10 minutes to make, just because thats what it takes the pasta to cook. The pesto sauce takes as long as your palate is pleased, mine took 3 minutes.


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