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I moved to New York to follow my dreams 2 years ago. As cheesy as it sounds, its true. Remember that movie “The Secret“, well I discovered it in 2008. I watched it and did the vision board, I wrote: I want to move to NYC and be happy. Like they say in the movie, it was like I had said it out loud and “the universe responded: your wishes are my command.” So a year later, I moved to New York and I was happy (wait… its not like in movies though, not like puff! and all of the sudden I’m having a great life. No. It took me a while to get adjusted, to understand the city, the rudeness and later friendliness of its people, to find real friends… it all takes time, but I’m here and I love it.)

For me, “I want to move to NYC and be happy” sounded normal at the time, but it wasn’t until I found my vision board again that I started wondering why I had written “to be happy”. At that time I wasn’t having the best days of my life, but we all go through that at some point, so that didn’t count. I wanted to know, why did I have to ask God, the universe, the spirits, whatever you want to call it , that I wanted to be happy. After lot of thinking, I realized that what I was missing the most was my family. They are the most important part of my life so I was happy that a year after I moved here, 3 of my siblings moved here too, now New York feels like home.

(Vancouver was Caracas-Miami, Miami-Dallas, Dallas-Vancouver away (around 25h trip), now New York is 5h away, so people visit more often. That also makes me happy)

I insist in calling the youngest boys: niñitos (kids) because thats what I feel they are, obviously if you saw them you’d think other wise… anyways… I always get distracted! The kids came back from spring break and I wanted to welcome them with some of their favorites:

Dani loves mushrooms, so I made chicken topped with creamed mushrooms accompanied with rice.

Pichi doesn’t like vegetables, so I made his favorite: Gambas al ajillo -or Shrimps and Garlic. I love making this, because my hair, the house, everything stinks like garlic after. No, seriously, this is the easiest recipe and its delicious, tons of chopped garlic, lots of butter, shrimps, salt and pepper! Done!

You’ve seen this before here, I made too much, so I gave them some to see if it can be over soon.

PS: Pete and all my friends make me very happy too. 🙂 I love New York.


2 thoughts on “Home Smelly Home

  1. Lovely !! yes i find that family spirit backs you up any where you are in the world !! is a treasure you take within yourself…thanks mile for sharing and making us smile…

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