Master Creations of an 11 year old

I grew up in Venezuela, and this was one of the dishes we used to have for breakfast over and over again. When I was young, around 11 y/o, I remember believing that my Perico was unbeatable. I was THE BEST… Perico maker, so I would wake up early on mother’s day to show Mom some of my talents. I’m glad I had an “army” of sous chefs by my side, so they would all line up and follow orders. Me, the master chef would make The Perico. Fico, Sous-chef One would take care of the orange juice. Caro, Sous-Chef Two would set the tray to take it to mom’s bed and prepare toast. And lastly, Dani, The Run Boy, would be in charge of 2 things, one picking up the most beautiful flower in the garden and make sure mom stayed in bed. (We’ve have a genetic malformation… as soon as we open eyes, we have to get off bed.)

I remember it always being great. 🙂

I want to excuse my picture but unless you are an amazing photographer, there is no way you can photograph Perico or  eggs in general and make them look good. At least, I can’t.

This is a quick recipe full of flavor and nutrition.

Dice 1/3 of an onion and sauté it, add 4 eggs and lastly when the eggs are almost done, add the diced tomatoes (1/2 of a large tomato or 6 cherry tomatoes. Salt and Pepper and DONE!

On another note, I recently rediscovered eggs. I had had a phobia for a while, but its gone! thank god!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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