Here she is!

Here is the Bio of the New Freelancer writer Nicole! Welcome her! After you’ve gain weight cooking any of my recipes, lose weight with her advice! 🙂

“I am a freelancer writer and aspiring world explorer. There is nothing moregratifying than seeing a written piece of mine published. One of the boldest things I ever did was get my Sanskrit lotus flower tattoo. It is on my left wrist for a reason. I take pride in knowing I was one of Lady Gaga’s original fans, and will forever cherish my autographed copy of The Fame. When I’m not spending my days recruiting at HUGE, you can find me plotting my next spontaneous vacation, attempting to become fluent in Spanish, imitating the art of my mother’s cooking, ‘discovering’ new music, and spending time with family and friends. As I figure out my path in life, I do so with a positive attitude and hopefully with a pinch of style and grace.”

– Nicole Borawski


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