Good health is in full bloom!

I love those first few weeks of spring in New York – lunch in the park, sidewalk dining and cocktailing, smiles everywhere because we’ve survived yet another brutal New York winter. Spring fever consumes New Yorkers and with that, a new light-hearted mood and restless urge to socialize!

I am a fitness advocate. I believe it is one of the only ways to truly boost self-confidence. I believe that the healthier you feel, the more positive energy and beauty (inside and out) you will shed in a social setting. I am an avid runner – I’ve been so since I was 13 years old – but even I grow bored with the monotonous routine of running on the treadmill or working out at the gym. You never want to associate working out with boredom or dread, because eventually you will give up on it. Below are four fitness programs to spice up your routine this spring!

  1. Be Ballet Buff – Ever since the release of Black Swan, I’ve seen ballet-incorporated programs sprout everywhere in New York. If you are looking for a low impact cardio workout that will burn calories and work muscles you have never used before, then I suggest Be Ballet Buff at M Dance and Fitness. For the next four days, there is an amazing deal on Lifebooker so you have no excuse not to try it. For more information visit:
  2. Barefoot Benny – My friend Courtney Trego introduced me to this personal training company just recently. Boot camps are held in Central Park – perfect timing for the warm weather – and you walk away learning great methods to work out at home, without being in a gym. If you don’t mind the park onlookers, this is a great way to enjoy one of New York’s beautiful assets while quickly burning calories through circuit training. Learn more at
  3. Mystical Hips – JeniViva runs a theatrical belly-dancing program that is gothic meets femme fatale. You feel unbelievably sexy and feminine with the various hip and belly dancing moves incorporated to work your core strength and body alignment. Women at any fitness level will truly enjoy the various workshops and classes offered by JeniViva. Visit
  4. Brooklyn Boulder – At New York City’s largest indoor climbing space, climbers at any skill level will quickly begin to notice a positive change in their arm, back and core strength, as well as the endurance of their calves, and upper body. This regimen improves flexibility and will challenge you mentally and physically.  Learn more at

When it comes to fitness, the possibilities are endless. Now it’s time for you to shed those bulky sweaters and winter pounds, and have fun getting healthy! We live in an amazing city that comes alive in the spring and summer, and it is just as important for us New Yorkers to stay as vibrant too. Start with your health and a positive self-image, and everything else will fall into place 🙂


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