Mango Appetizers

There’s 2 ways I shop groceries: one, I know exactly what I want to cook and I get everything I need for my recipe. The second one, I go grocery shopping because there is no food at home. This last one, is not the most ideal nor convenient because I shop what I like at the moment, and then I end up with no proper food to cook.

This was my dinner – no proper dinner… but hey! I could work as an appetizer, right?

Baby Yellow Peppers filled with Creamed Goat cheese, Basil and Dried Mango. Exotic Beauty!


2 thoughts on “Mango Appetizers

  1. Milena, my other mom used to say, it must please the eyes before it pleases the stomach. This pleased my eyes. Hope it did yours and your stomach too!
    PS: I thought I had subscribed to your blog. Just found out I hadn’t šŸ™‚

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