Last week, my best friend came to visit. We had a great time and it made me think how much I missed  sleepovers and long conversations until late hours. As thank you gift, she sent flowers!!! THANK YOU! It made my day! Check out the gorgeous flower that soon will be in my room! Look at the colors!

It looks like SPRING!!! Is It?

For a while I’ve been debating with myself if long-time friends are chosen by you or by your parents. I mean, its your parents that place you in elementary school, right? I really don’t remember my first interactions with my girl friends, in any case, this thought always puts me in a happy mood. For this question, there are 2 possible answers: first, my parents chose my friends. Then I’m glad they did, they’re smart because they have chosen amazing people for me to have on my side. And if they’re smart, then that has to been passed on with the genes, right? so that means I’m smart too!  Now, option 2: my parents had nothing to do with me choosing my friends; then, that can only mean: I’ve been smart since I was young! LOL. See… it only brings me thoughts of happiness. I’m glad I have chosen all my friends!

Flowers always make me happy! (and its been proven!)


3 thoughts on “Sleepovers

  1. Milena!!!!!!Eres una nina, mejor dicho ya toda una mujer muy especial, desde chiquita lo eras.Me siento feliz q desde q eran pequenas hayan contruido una linda amistad.Mil gracias por tu hospitalidad.Que Dios te bendiga!!!!!

    1. Maria Jose, Que lindas Palabras! Gracias!!!! Fue un placer tener a tus hijas en a casa, Isa esta grande y lindisima! La proxima los espero a ti, Jose y neca! 🙂
      Saludos a todos!

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