I’m fantasizing, and it’s your fault.

If I could blame someone/something for the weather, that’s what I would tell them: I’ve been indeed fantasizing to the point of cheating and I’m going back to the Amazon. With this beautiful nature, who wouldn’t? Did I mention that the weather is hot over there? that your body’s temperature rises with just standing there? Be honest, I’m sure you’d cheat too. Let’s plan a trip! Who’s in?!

I had never seen a rainbow’s start/end so close

I swear pictures, sometimes aren’t fair to what nature looks like.

In this river, we would fish for dinner.

In this picture there are two large mountains: Cacique (left) and the Autana (far right). The first one Cacique (Indian Chief) called because if you use a little of  your imagination, and turn your head 90degrees to the left, then you’ll see the head of an indian laying down). I’m sure that the name came from a lot time doing nothing and just staring at nature. Or abundance in natural drugs. We climbed the 3 mountains.

Here is Cacique with hair- I mean, fog.

I was there a while ago, and as crazy as this might sound, the town had electricity for the first time in 2004. I’m sure that if I was there too, I’d be calling mountains Caciques, Gods, Warriors… I don’t know

3 thoughts on “I’m fantasizing, and it’s your fault.

  1. Good !! i went there, and you get an incredible feeling of beeing very little in front of this amazing nature !! loe it!! thanks Mile for sharing!!

  2. You’re blog is so lonely, absent of people and their expressions, emotions and quirks. You even cover your face in your Profile Image. However, names of others will remind us of our own absence. By leaving the “who” to speculation, I find that your style brings to life the “what”, “where”, and “when”. This is a tremendous value to me as your reader, Mile – it allows me to truly experience bits of your life by engaging my imagination.

    You’re just as fun digitally as you are in the flesh.



  3. thanks for your comments!

    Marielena: I indeed felt tiny.
    Kyle: thanks for your beautiful words, you should leave your job and become a writer!


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