Twins on the way!!

Remember the movie 28 days, when Gerhardt promises that he didn’t kill the plant? (You can watch it here around min. 4:30). Well, a lot of people that know me, relate my relationship with plants with that situation. I always killed my plants, and I was devastated because I worked hard on trying to keep them alive! let me tell you… that I even talked to them while I was watering them!

When I moved, we placed some orchids in the living room because we thought they looked gorgeous and matched the decoration. I was terrified because everyone knows that type of plant require a lot of attention and love…. well… Check it out!!!! I’m doing very well with these little ladies! They’re blooming!!!!

Every amazing friend I have, here are some flowers for you!

And for those who came… hoping to get some juicy news of pregnancy~ well here it is, one of my baby is having twins! Some pregnant plants, are like some pregnant ladies… sorry… not too photogenic.

Here you go, a little peak of my own botanical garden!

Even my succulents are blooming! today I feel like singing this!

Happy Valentines!


15 thoughts on “Twins on the way!!

  1. they’re gorgeous!! I might have to hire you in the spring to create a garden on my balcony 😉

  2. aawww!! pretty!!! me like! esto fue muy bueno me lo dijeron hoy y no me puedo parar de reir.. Feliz Samba Lentin hahahahahahahahaha have fun!

  3. thank you for sharing these with me. after you left my office I looked at it right away. Yolanda has no idea what she missed! your babies are lovely. keep on taking care of them, they will always give back.

  4. I love it. Collors are beautiful 🙂 . Plants are like kids – you have to talk to them, feed them – and they will come out great in the pictures 🙂

  5. I’m very impressed with those orchids. I know how delicate they are. Good luck with those little ones.

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