TDOFM (Pizzas!)

Today, I was just feeling down, tired, ugly, and time just seemed to pass extremely slowly… this might seem like the TDOFM (that-day-of-the-month) symdrome but it’s not! I remember when I was living in Vancouver, my roommate and I would have that discussion: there’s one day of the month were we feel low and not-so-pretty… and its not close to that-time-of-the-month.

On my subway ride, I was in front of the door and I saw my reflection: it really made my self-esteem a little worse! I looked like I had aged a ton since I moved to NYC…. but walking home I decided: I LOVE NYC and I’m not ready to move yet, no matter if I look 50 when I’m 26.

I decided that Pete and I would have a blast.  And we are…here are some of the pictures

I told you… we’re having fun.

Mini Caprese Salad

Chorizo and Kale Chips

Mini Pizzas


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