My talented and sweetheart friend Nicole organized a Fundraiser for the American Heart Association. She did a Date Auction fundraiser. When I first heard about it….it reminded me of Bad Romance Gaga’s Video. However, after being there… all changed! It was an amazing event I’d love to repeat one day.

She sold Raffle Tickets to earn a Bag from Babeland 😉 (is it cool to use a smiley face on a blog?)

These were the people “auctioned for dates” all of them received gift cards for cool dating restaurants. Two of the people I love the most were being auction! And they both did really well!

Delicious cupcakes Nikki got!

And some of the people I love the most and make NY my favorite place on earth! Thanks girls! (the girls that are missing… I told you to come! – so no complaints! )


2 thoughts on “Fundraising

  1. Great layout of pics.. You are so talented.. Love the one of all of us- and although I’ve lived in NY my whole life, you make my times here so much better! Te amo muchisimo, mujer hermosisima!
    P.5. Best line of the evening, all credit given to Milena’s wonderful boyfriend, Pete: “she [milena] is so beautiful, I want to tattoo her face on mine so that that’s what I see every time I look in the mirror.” :*) Could you just die?

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