Amaneci Bailona

I usually won’t post things that aren’t mine, but this is an exception. A couple of weeks ago I told my favorite dancing partner, that I had woken up Bailona.

If you’re in NY and you want to go dancing my favorite spots are:

SpeakEasy (9th and Avenue) During summer this place is a must, my friends and I would constantly go there.  Don’t miss checking Vito’s office, the first time I was there, I entered like it was my house and then the ex-mafia member Vito appeared behind me and with his italian accent goes: What the hell are you doing here?! two minutes later…. he was showing me all of his old pictures. If you’re going here… go with a group or expect anyone (- anyone -) to ask you out “a echar un pie”

Esperanto: Great drinks and music! Its a must. I love this place.

Bembe: If you’re going… its because you want to dance! Avoid taking high heels… go as comfortable as you can. They have great live music.

Miss Favela: Another Summer must.

Here’s a little playlist that can change my mood in seconds,  I’m sure you salsa/merengue dancers can agree that these are some of the all time favorites!

Enjoy your weekend!

I hope you woke up bailones today…. if not, listen to these songs and get bailones now.

Sopa de Caracol

El Venao

Dejate Querer

Si tu te Vas (in Sabado Sensacional… doesn’t get any better!)

La Bilirrubina

Para Darte mi Vida

25 Horas al Dia


3 thoughts on “Amaneci Bailona

  1. Sufro del mismo bien! Ahora si no amanezco bailon puedo leer tu bloq…. Besos milesMile.

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