I’m obsessive too.

Remember when you were younger and you never wanted to become what your parents were/are? That happen to me too; but with time, I’ve realized two things: One, they’re not as bad as I thought they were; and to tell you the truth, they’re pretty cool people. And two, I’ve copied almost everything they have ever done.

That said, we used to call my dad obsessive, because he has a tendency of collecting everything. He collects plants, seeds, paintings, coins… you name it!  These are some images of some PreColombian sculptures he collected a while ago.  Aren’t they amazing!? I want to be obsessive and have things like these too!

The sexuality and erotism in these are overwhelming.


3 thoughts on “I’m obsessive too.

  1. Ohh collecting.. I think you don’t need to be obsessive, you should have a lot of storage to collect that much hahahahaha nice post!.

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