Rubbin’ Balls

My friend asked me to help him make some truffles, and let me tell you… like I’ve said before its all about the ingredients. When I was coming back from Venezuela, a lady told me: “living in NY is hard until you find good friends”. I’ve always wanted to call her and say she’s completely right. Ana, if you ever read this. Thank you. You are right, my friends are what make New York what it is. A magical, lovely and amazing place. Thanks to all that make NY be what it is.

Here is all we rubbed tonight.

Of course after lots of ball rubbin’ we had to go chat it off at Eataly with some wine and Coffee! Girls I love you! thanks for making me laugh everytime!


4 thoughts on “Rubbin’ Balls

  1. Love you too!!! Feel so fortunate of having you in my life! Life in NYC definitely becomes better when you have great people surrounding you. By the way those truffles were incredible! Good ball rubbin’ girls 😉

  2. The best ball rubbing a Papi could ask for. Good thing there were three of you – Papi had plenty of balls to go around. Those espressoes would’ve gone great with some brigadeiro too. Thanks for the help Mami’s.


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