I can’t believe I had never had Tamarind before. I mean, I’ve had tamarind sauces, candies, juices…etc, but I had never had raw Tamarind. I grew up going to a farm where my dad used to grow it. I guess it was because of the color and my picky-ness as a child that I never cared to try it. Now, I realize its a delicate combination between sweet and sour, soft and chewy sensation. It melts in your mouth….Go get some if you’ve never had it!

These I found them in the Chelsea Market

Today, I discovered there really is no point in eating chocolate, if you can have these natural beauties! (lets see how long this lasts….)


7 thoughts on “Tamarind

  1. Love tamarinds. Have some in my refrigerator now. A friend introduced me to the sweet ones but I prefer the sour ones. Tamarinds must be sour, right?

  2. You’re welcome Milena!
    Just re-read your post. I can’t believe you never had raw tamarinds. I grew up on that stuff. When I left home I discovered the paste.
    Thanks for offering to read my blog http://insidejourneys.com. Let me know what you think!

  3. I had no idea! Love that. Also love your blog. Love the design and layout. So are you an artist, designer?

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