Shh… don’t tell

This is something I don’t want to admit: I allow myself to commit a sweet sin sin once a week, yet lately with the snowy weather, I desire sweets and warmth more than usual. Eataly Cioccolata is too much…. it cures every bad mood, bad work days, basically everything. Its the most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had.  The worst part of this sin is that Eataly is too close to my apartment, so I have to walk across everyday on my way home, and stopping for a hot chocolate just takes seconds and improves your day…. so I stop everyday – and I tell myself I’ll stop tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Shh… don’t tell

  1. Ha, Ha !! this is not a sin, is food, so a need, you can enjoy it with free concious!! but remember 5 min in your mouth….twenty years in your belly!!!

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