One out of Five

When I was finishing school in Vancouver, I went to the travel agency and told her I wanted to visit any of these 5 countries: Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Peru or Germany. I asked for the cheapest ticket, she said Frankfurt was the cheapest city to go to.

30 minutes later, I was calling my friend Ante telling him to please clean his house, because 2 days later I was going to sleep on his couch.

I arrived to Frankfurt and took a train to what became my favorite city: Hamburg.

Thanks to him and to his amazing friends, I had an incredible trip. Sadly this was the only picture I have left….

I traveled through Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. I don’t think I’ve ever had the amounts of beer I had there…. Germany, I want to go back!

Thanks to Ante and Vincent for letting me stay over, Mirko, Leon, and Jan for introducing me to beer and Hajduk Split


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