Grab your Bags!

I went back home for the Holidays, and decided to look around my mom and grandma’s closet to see what treasures I could find. For a while I’ve seen a lot of fuzz around the Vintage stores and all I found was vintage, so it was a great success! I found 12 vintage bags! I’ll post more later!

This is a leather bag from Oroton (Australia) check out their site here. It must be from the 80-90’s.

I love how the color has faded and it looks like it had a lot of great use was done by my mom. Look at the details!

I wore it today to work, and it was impressive the little amount of things I could take with me. I usually carry more than I need, so this bag was perfect to restraint myself from taking all I didn’t need.


5 thoughts on “Grab your Bags!

  1. I need to go dig through my closet. In the 90’s I was quite fond of Oroton. I’ve got one similar to this and a sling back satchel burried under the pile somewhere.

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